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About the COVID Bride

How does a Southern Belle plan the perfect wedding in the midst of COVID? By conquering one catastrophe after the next.  The COVID Bride is the hilarious, straight-talking wedding guide that could put a ’90s rom-com to shame.


Determined not to cancel her special day, Sara LaChapelle threw her fancy wedding checklists out the window and hit the ground running, dodging unique challenges. Laugh along with her as you learn how to plan the wedding of your dreams, no matter what it takes, all while maintaining the poise and grace of a true Southerner.


Loaded with first-hand advice you won’t get anywhere else, The COVID Bride is the ideal resource for brides in the post-pandemic wedding boom. So pour a glass of wine and hang on tight as Sara grits her teeth and smiles her way through the wild bridal ride you won’t want to miss.

Nothing about my engagement year went according to plan. A global pandemic, unexpected loss, RSVP disasters, last-minute changes, and miscellaneous misadventures all conspired to keep me from marrying Peter. For over fourteen months, I meticulously planned for the wedding year of my dreams, only to find myself canceling and replanning events every step of the way.

Perhaps you were a COVID bride, or you know one. Maybe you just like a good wedding tale.  This book is not just for those brides impacted by the pandemic, but for all newly engaged women planning a wedding and past brides who can find humor in relating to former struggles.

Let The COVID Bride serve as a guide from someone who has been there. This book focuses on advice I wish I had before I got engaged. Wedding planning is stressful enough, so instead of the basic tips and tricks, I am giving you only the golden nuggets of wedding wisdom you can't find on Google.

Global pandemic or not, planning your wedding will come with unique challenges. I hope my story will bring solace that you are not the only bride feeling the heavy burden of managing this event.

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